My Familiar Friend

Publication date: 11 August 2022

Familiar: 'a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal'

Producing the original drawing for this print took a crazy amount of time - over 60 hours... Most of the drawing never made it into the final printed image because I was experimenting with different ways to create the tonal detail of the crow's feathers, finally arriving at the drawing technique you see here - which, itself, took up about 20 hours of the drawing time!

Apart from my desire to make a definitive image of a crow, I wanted to stretch my lino cutting skills to the limit. I've cut a lot of detail into lino for previous prints, but I've never used a style that is so unforgiving - everything has to line up for the texture to work - and it doesn't help that a lot of the smallest cut elements are extremely small!

I have a thing about crows - I feel the metaphysical aspect of them - time spent in their company is rarely time wasted, in my view.

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