My new studio!

Publication date: 29 October 2021

All of a sudden I find myself in a studio that isn't my living room - and I'm beginning to wonder how I managed to fit this lot into a one-room flat...

My new studio is situated in the basement space of the Artizan Collective Gallery at 74 Fleet Street, Torquay TQ2 5EB.

Artizan are doing amazing things for the creative community here in Torbay - making this space available being but one example.

I'll be cutting and printing lino here most days, so you can take a chance and visit to say hello, or email me to make sure I'm there when you are! I live about 20 minutes walk away, so if I'm not in the studio I can come down and meet you there very easily.

Lots of my finished work and work in progress to see, as well as the work of other artists showing in the exhibition space upstairs.

My Gunnings #2 etching press!

Lots of room to dsiplay my work which is now, for the first time, publicly accessible.

Graphic Chemical water-based inks - a work in progress in their own right!

I never had wallspace to hang up my rollers before!

I've come up with this design for a print-drying system... I hang prints back to back, so this set-up allows me to hang almost 60 prints at a time.

I used to have these clips attached to a string, which wasn't ideal. Using a profile strip I bought from B&Q (a DIY store in the UK) and attaching the clips as shown here (you can easily dismantle and reconstruct the handle/lever section of the clips), they maintain their spacing and they align in the correct direction. 

Pro-tip - for ergonomic reasons I can't begin to explain, the clips are really awkward to open UNLESS, you face them from this direction and reach up and behind them with your right hand - then it's easy!

I've saved the worst till last! This is how the space looked before I turned it into a print studio - the addition of the grey laminate flooring, whitewashed walls and lighting make a bit of a difference :-)

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