Photogravure possibilities

Publication date: 16 August 2019

I've been going through some of the photographs I've taken over the last two to three years with a view to selecting some to work on as photogravure prints...

You can click each image to view it at a larger size (recommended).

The full size of these photographs is 50cm x 33cm - if you would like to buy a print (rather than wait for the photogravure!), or a digital copy, please contact me and I'll work out a price! 

Above: Dartmoor (ref: 049)
Above: Dartmoor (ref: 061)
Above: Dartmoor (ref: 071)
Above: Dartmoor (ref: 076)
Above: Brown Clee, Shropshire (ref: 020)
Above: Brown Clee, Shropshire (ref: 028)
Above: Brown Clee, Shropshire (ref: 029)
Above: Brown Clee, Shropshire (ref: 296)
Above: Shropshire, countryside (ref: 019)
Above: Shropshire, countryside (ref: 036)
Above: Berry Head, Devon (ref: 286)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 349)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 353)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 370)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 375)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 377)
Above: Wells Cathedral (ref: 378)
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